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As artists, we wield tremendous influence in our culture. Plato rightly feared the arts’ ability to shape thought and sway the affection of society. When we harness the power of our public voice to speak out as advocates, we pierce the consciences of good men and women. We are proud to join forces with artists who are willing to use their influence and platform to tell the stories of those whose voices might never be heard... the poor, the marginalized, and the oppressed living in impoverished communities around the world.

Sing Across The World

   Jasmine Owen


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Sing Across The World is a celebration of music and an inspiring call to action. It’s about crossing borders, sharing creativity and uniting our voices in song to help the world’s most vulnerable children.


In 1999, internationally-acclaimed Canadian songwriter/producer James Bryan visited Kenya with World Vision. Through his eye-opening experience of seeing the incredible impact that people can make while working together to fight poverty, Bryan decided to create a positive experience in Canada, through music, to continue that story of people coming together as a voice for change.




Bryan, together with Krystaal, a group of refugee brothers who fled what is now the Democratic Republic of the Congo, connected with students from the Laura Secord Secondary School Choir. These musical groups from different parts of the world came together to record and perform a new song called ‘Touch the Sky,’ while raising funds and awareness to support World Vision projects in the Kimbanseke community in the Congo.


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We want to hear from you… how can we work together with your music ensemble, choir or group? We are looking for ways to create new opportunities in Canada, with plans to expand internationally in the future. Please get in touch with us at to see if we can create a Sing Across The World event with you!


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