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New Music: Q&A with Lightfall

   Jasmine Owen

Lightfall began their journey in late 2012. When they released their self-titled EP in June of 2014, it debuted at #1 on the iTunes Inspiration Charts and #36 on the Canadian Top Albums. There’s been no stopping them since.

This week, Lightfall is gearing up for their first full-length release, Lost in Who You Are. We caught up with the guys to hear more about the album and to find out what awaits them next. Plus, get a sneak peek of what’s in store at their release party, after the jump.

Tell us about Lightfall.

We’ve been a band since November 2012. This is the easiest way to explain how we came together: Nathan Hamilton (our guitar player) responded to an ad on Kijiji seeking a bass player to start a worship band. Mark Chown (drummer) and Renz Laserna (vocals) had already known each other from before, but were approached about the opportunity through mutual friends. Marquis Murray (who ultimately became our bassist) was the last piece of the puzzle. We started jamming and quickly became friends. The rest is history!

Tell us about the album you’ve been working on.

Lost in Who You Are is our first full-length release. We put out an EP in June of 2014… it surprised us and everyone we knew with how well it did! This new album takes our experiences and stories from the last three years and binds all of it together. Our producer, Derek Hoffman, took our raw files and ideas and brought them to life. He really gave it a sound that none of us could have even imagined could have been possible when we started writing.

The chorus of our title track, “Lost in Who You Are,” is based on 1 Corinthians 8:3. It takes our typical language of us “finding God” and flips it on its head. There’s something incredibly intimate that is revealed in God’s nature when you realize that He is the one who finds us in our weakness. God views us with favour as we enter into a relationship with Him. When we love Him, we are known by Him. The entire album follows this theme, and really ties well together from track to track.

What does your songwriting process look like?

Mark and Renz do a lot of the writing. When the two of them get together, they usually bring their ideas together. Our songs usually end up being a mashup of the two styles and minds. From that point, they bring the songs to the rest of the group and we start building upon the base they have started. We’ll pass some more ideas around, take stuff off the board, until we can all (somewhat!) agree on a “finished” version.

What’s it like being on the road together?

Our first REAL road trip experience was driving down to South Dakota for the Hills Alive Festival. 5 guys crammed in a Jeep Patriot, with all of our gear and luggage, for 26 hours…… use your imagination! Honestly though, being on the road is always a lot of fun. We get along so well, and there is always something to laugh about. Marquis (The Driver) has been known to be the Dad of the group and sometimes needs to keep the guys in line. When his “dagger eyes” land on you, you know you’ve done something wrong!

As artists, how would you define success?

Ask anyone this question and they will give you the same answer: Success is doing what we love (for us, that’s music) while providing for our families. But the way this band came together, and what God has shown us since then, really makes us feel that He is not finished with this ministry.

If we had to nail it on the head, success for us would be people having a real experience with God through our music, and having their life changed. Whether in a small church or a large stadium, we believe we have a story to tell. It’s the story of the Gospel. If just one person hears it and is affected, then we have been successful.

What’s next for Lightfall?

Our CD releases this week, we have some bigger shows in November… and then we don’t really know yet. We’ll see what the reception to the album looks like. All in all, we are open to any and all opportunities.

In our personal lives, Renz and Nathan are finishing up their last year of school. Mark is upgrading some of his pastoral accreditations. Marquis and his wife have twins on the way… so who knows! This next year is going to be all over the place and we are ready for God to take us on a ride.


Join Lightfall, and special guest Brooke Nicholls, at their CD Release Party in Whitby on September 18, 2015. Here’s a little sneak peek at what you can expect to hear:

Look for Lightfall’s debut full-length album, Lost in Who You Are, on iTunes and Spotify on September 18, 2015.

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