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As artists, we wield tremendous influence in our culture. Plato rightly feared the arts’ ability to shape thought and sway the affection of society. When we harness the power of our public voice to speak out as advocates, we pierce the consciences of good men and women. We are proud to join forces with artists who are willing to use their influence and platform to tell the stories of those whose voices might never be heard... the poor, the marginalized, and the oppressed living in impoverished communities around the world.

New Music: Q&A with Terry Posthumus

   Jasmine Owen

Hailing from Oshawa, Ontario, Terry Posthumus is an innovative Canadian artist, activist and speaker. Known for introspective and inspirational lyrics, Terry weaves his passion for life, faith and justice into the very fabric of his stories and songs. We caught up with Terry to hear about his new album and Candlelight Christmas tour with fellow artist, Ali Matthews.

Christmas is always such a special time of year. What does it mean to you personally?

To me, Christmas is about gifts… but not the kind that you might think I’m talking about. As we celebrate the birth of God’s Son with family and friends, I am reminded that the Advent of the Messiah brought with it the gifts of hope, peace, joy and love. Christmas is a time to refresh and refocus on those gifts and how we can share them with those around us.

Tell us about your new album, the Advent Sessions.

When I began to write the very first song for this album, it was with the idea that Advent is at odds with what our society focuses on in preparation for Christmas. The project became a sort of “push back” against a consumer-driven culture. What started as a vague concept and a rough idea for a single song became a full-blown pursuit of passion for me.

And you’re taking some of these songs on the road for the Candlelight Christmas tour with Ali Matthews?

Ali and I are very compatible as performing songwriters and I believe that we compliment each other on stage. We’re doing 10 concerts together on this tour and have chosen to play the entire show together… an “in-the-round” performance, if you will. The idea is that the concert takes on a bit of a conversational narrative. This approach, as opposed to the opening act/headliner format, makes the whole thing more connected for the audience. The concert flows with a stream of consciousness that engages people with the idea that we can all work together to make a difference. We want those who attend to feel that they are a part of the work that we are doing.

Lastly, to have the opportunity to tour with Ali Matthews is a great honour for me. Ali is well-regarded and beloved. For me, this was a no-brainer when it came to deciding whether I would walk through this open door! Our first few shows have been great successes, with a number of World Vision children sponsored at each concert. It is truly humbling to be a part of this incredible tour.

How did you first get connected with World Vision?

I was first approached with the idea of partnering with World Vision at the end of a benefit concert (for the Haiti earthquake.) The concert, which was sort of a Terry Posthumus and Friends collaboration, featured Kelita, Paulis Sanchez, Trevor Dick, Jay Calder and Mike “Pinball” Clemons. It was decided before the concert that all funds raised would be donated to World Vision. We knew that the money would get there and that it would be used with prudent stewardship. Shortly after that concert, I joined the Artist Collective.

On a more personal note, I have experienced the loss of three children to death (two in vitro, and one 16 days after birth.) I know that if it were possible to keep one father from having to bury his own child, I must do whatever I can to help. When people ask me why I do this, I have a very simple answer… because I have the opportunity to. How could I refuse to be a part of this great work?

What does 2017 hold for you, as an artist, for your family?

My wife, Jessica, and I are celebrating the arrival of our new baby girl earlier in December! This will play a big role in our decisions as we go forward into 2017. I plan on taking a bit of a hiatus from performing for a few months, but will be engaged in writing, planning and a few private function concerts.

That being said, I’m planning to record and release a new EP this coming year. The album will be a full-band recording of some of my original songs, including a re-release of one of my best-selling tunes, “You Alone Are My Salvation.” I hope to record more sessions videos, cover videos, as well as a multi-artist video that will focus on the continued work of feeding, clothing, sheltering and caring for the host of refugees.



Advent Sessions – EP is now available for download on iTunes.

You can follow Terry Posthumus on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, or learn more about how he is involved with the World Vision Artist Collective.