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New Music: Q&A with Caves

   Jasmine Owen

Caves​ is a Canadian worship duo from Whitby, Ontario. Josh McCabe and Matt Shaban began writing songs during the summer of 2013, creating demos for what eventually became their self-titled debut record. We recently caught up with Josh to find out how the band and their new album came about.

For a preview of Caves’ music, check out one of their lyric videos at the bottom of this post!

Tell us about Caves.

Caves is a project that came out of a season where launching a band wasn’t ever the goal. I had personally gone through a really tough season, in which I stepped out of ministry altogether for a year. For that time, I went to church with my family and stayed completely focused on that. However, behind the scenes, God was stirring some profound truths and feelings in my heart, that I wasn’t really sure what to do with. I expressed them through the only way I really knew how to, and that was through music.

Though these songs were really stirring in me, I didn’t do much with them until I felt God really tell me it was time to move forward on them. I called up my friend Matt Shaban, and we started working on some demo ideas. Fast forward to the fall of 2014, when we were asked to do a short set at the Franklin Graham events at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto… of course we said yes, even though we didn’t have a “band name,” or really any official songs. We shared some of the songs we had been working on from a project we were working on called Caves – and I guess that night, it became the name of the band.

How would you describe your music to someone who has never heard Caves before?

All over the place! There are elements of pop, rock, worship, and even a little folk found on this record, and in the band. We literally decided to record whatever we wanted, even if it felt all over the place style-wise. It’s us. And we love all kinds of music. We wanted to create something that was not only honest lyrically, but something we identified with musically, and we couldn’t be prouder of the album we created.

What can you tell us about the songs on your new album?

Some of them are hopeful, some are written from a place of pain, and others are somewhere in between. The truth is that many of these songs were written out of private and honest conversations with God. I identified lyrically with these songs in the writing process and felt like they were words that I needed to sing. When we play this album live, it still makes me emotional… I recall the feelings in my heart when the songs were penned, or the way they made me feel when I listened back to them. They’re honest and come from a deep place in my heart.

As an artist, how would you define success?

To be honest, I’m not sure what success looks like when it comes to music. I’ve seen guys play to sold-out stadiums every night, while at home, their family and their faith are falling apart. On the other hand, I’ve seen worship leaders whose only goal is to write music for their church become overnight household names, and have their songs sung by millions. I guess for me, it’s to find a place in which I can use these songs, and the gift of music, to point people to what Jesus wants to do in their life. At the end of the day, I hope the songs can help someone who may be feeling down and out, lost, or like God is distant. I hope this record can encourage them!

What’s next for Caves?

We’re playing a few events and festivals this summer, and also leading worship on a few Sunday mornings at churches around Ontario (which we LOVE doing!) Other than that, we are staying pretty busy. I lead a ministry called Reckless Movement for young adults in the Toronto area, and they are heavily involved in worship at the church as well.



Caves album cover  
Caves is now available for download on iTunes.
You can follow Caves on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, or learn more about how they are involved with the World Vision Artist Collective.