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As artists, we wield tremendous influence in our culture. Plato rightly feared the arts’ ability to shape thought and sway the affection of society. When we harness the power of our public voice to speak out as advocates, we pierce the consciences of good men and women. We are proud to join forces with artists who are willing to use their influence and platform to tell the stories of those whose voices might never be heard... the poor, the marginalized, and the oppressed living in impoverished communities around the world.


Joe Kissack

Who is Joe Kissack?

World Vision Canada’s Artist Collective has one of the best programs I have ever seen, to connect those with a desire to give to those who are need of receiving.

As an executive and author/screenwriter, and producer, managing the limits of time, is mission critical. My effectiveness in serving others is only as good as the partnerships I choose and the moving parts of those partnerships will allow. The Artist Collective has a proven track record of events that work on all levels…in other words, they know what they are doing! In addition they aren’t afraid to think outside the box of the way things have always been done. As a result they are reaching people that haven’t been reached by doing things that haven’t been done. That is the kind of partnership I want. It is the kind of partnership WV’s Artist Collective, delivers.

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When you sponsor a child, you help break the cycle of poverty by providing a child and their community with life-saving necessities. Canadians have been partnering with World Vision for 60 years, because they've discovered that sponsorship works. With your help, we partner with the child, their family, neighbours and local leaders to transform a struggling community into one that is thriving. World Vision’s programs focus on Food, Education, Health, Clean water, Child Protection and other vital areas which improve the lives of children and their community.

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