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As artists, we wield tremendous influence in our culture. Plato rightly feared the arts’ ability to shape thought and sway the affection of society. When we harness the power of our public voice to speak out as advocates, we pierce the consciences of good men and women. We are proud to join forces with artists who are willing to use their influence and platform to tell the stories of those whose voices might never be heard... the poor, the marginalized, and the oppressed living in impoverished communities around the world.


Christal Earle

Who is Christal Earle?

"Small, consistent acts of change – done with love and dignity – have the potential to create a lasting effect on the future of this world that we share together."

Christal Earle is a force to be reckoned with. An inspiring speaker, entrepreneur, and transformational coach, she works with other innovative thinkers and communicators who want to take their unique story into the world in a way that resonates and connects with their audience.

In 2000, Christal helped to start Live Different, an international charity that is now stronger than ever. She has also been a World Vision sponsor for many years. “I have seen, time and again, the difference that child sponsorship makes for a life, a family and a community. I want to add my voice and energy to that truth.”

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Raw Hope works in unstable countries whose governments cannot or will not act to protect the rights of its people. Children and families face what seem like impossible challenges, where access to clean water, education, and protection from abuse and exploitation often out of reach. Your monthly donation to Raw Hope helps bring children and families these essential needs, giving you the ability to help children living in places too dangerous for child sponsorship to be established.

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